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The Afterword: A Conversation About the Future of Words

Dec 28, 2019

The divisions between STEM and story may be more artificial than we think. In fact, STEM teachers can ignite curiosity and prompt learning using narratives. How we move forward will depend on our willingness to grasp concepts that at first may look unfamiliar. Novelist Thomas Locke and educator Jenny Dellinger explain...

Dec 25, 2019

As we wrap up 2019, we thought it best to highlight and re-release several of our most downloaded episodes. Considering the importance of harmony, grace and peace through the year; the subject of empathy continues to be a powerful message. How does one gain access into this learned character trait? Our guests, poet

Dec 21, 2019

This is a re-release of our most downloaded episode of 2019. We invited Belinda Bauman and Rebecca Davis to The Afterword's table to talk about their experiencesr egarding trauma within the national and international communities. These expert guests shared why empathetic listening is key in healing. 

Thank you all so...

Dec 14, 2019

We are closing out 2019 with this episode on foster care and adoption and how the stories we share impact our communities. Suzanne Woods Fisher is an author and Kelly Lewis and her husband Andrew are foster parents.

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Safe families

Meet me halfway

The Connected Child

Special thanks to all of you who...

Dec 7, 2019

Being chosen, belonging to a community and feeling safe at home is a vital aspect of growing up in a healthy environment. Yet, for many children, this experience is not a reality. How can we better advocate for those in foster care? What does the commitment of adoption include? We talk with foster mom, Kelly Lewis and...