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The Afterword: A Conversation About the Future of Words

Mar 30, 2020

Do machines think? What are the ethical questions that need to be answered as we consider the use of artificial intelligence?

Dr. Scott Hawley of Belmont University and Dr. John Wyatt of University College London help us gain insight through the stories that surround AI.

We talk about the history of AI, its positive...

Mar 23, 2020

Oleg Lougheed  shares that when we are paddling in the "middle" of our story and we don't see the shore, quitting seems attractive.

Preparing for hardship and difficulty is easier when there are others who are walking the journey with us showing value and encouragement. Remaining curious, offering forgiveness,...

Mar 16, 2020

What is the impact of one person's story? How will others remember us? Are our narratives purposeful?

This week we talk with Oleg Lougheed, founder of Overcoming Odds, about how to craft a personal story that lets us connect meaningfully with other people. Each of us has a story; how will you tell yours? 

Join us at the...

Mar 9, 2020

Video games are more than just a multi-billion-dollar industry with gaming competitions and high stakes sponsorship. Integrating words, stories, and social connection into video games "attracts those who may be looking for structured interaction and provides a vehicle for immersion," explains writer and designer

Mar 2, 2020

How do video game stories get developed and told? And how do those story lines influence gamers in the real world?

On this episode, we talk with John Staats, author and game designer, to learn how these vehicles of immersion captivate the imagination. Also at our table, we had Casey Chambers and Torin Wright, who are...