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The Afterword: A Conversation About the Future of Words

Nov 30, 2020

As people, we often choose sides to support our pre-determined moral judgments and arguments. What do we risk when we collectively jump on a bandwagon to prove a point? Is there a potential to unravel the fabric of our communities in the pursuit of being right?

Dillon Smith and Rob Henderson give insight into ways we...

Nov 23, 2020

Dillon Smith, content manager for Carey Nieuwhof Communications, and Rob Henderson, PhD student at Cambridge University, explain the trend of social shaming and cancel culture connected to moral outrage.

How can we balance our personal judgement of morality and norms while promoting cooperation with others?

Human beings...

Nov 16, 2020

How can we help formerly incarcerated people rebuild their lives? When a former prisoner tries to re-enter our communities, they often face multiple barriers that continue a cycle of punishment.

Due process through legal assistance for employment, housing and financial support are re-entry essentials. Medical care,...

Nov 9, 2020

How do collateral consequences compound the cycle of punishment for those who have spent time in jail? What can our communities do to change hearts and minds regarding reentry after incarceration?

Rather than focus on prison sentences, our guests Jerry Blassingame, CEO and founder of Soteria, and Kate Weaver Patterson...

Nov 3, 2020

If you need some comic relief, we are re-releasing this episode from January 2020. What's funny to one person isn't always humorous to another. Sometimes jokes go wrong, but our guests share that often, that is where the best comedy occurs.

James Cary is a writer for the BBC, author of The Sacred Art of Joking, and host...