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The Afterword: A Conversation About the Future of Words

Sep 28, 2019

Some editors say sports stories are the hardest stories to write because we already know the endings. But readers and viewers love them anyway! Even folks who don't keep up with sports often find something to warm their hearts in an inspiring tale.

Why are sports stories captivating even to people who aren't sports...

Sep 21, 2019

Do you know what a #keystone species is? Our guest, Jill Hendrix used this unique metaphor to describe the impact of local independent bookstores. As incubators of words, ideas, and creativity, local bookstores can offer more than just books to their communities.

USA TODAY bestselling novelist Susan M Boyer joined Jill...

Sep 14, 2019

The “Buy Local” movement and a desire for an inclusive community atmosphere have helped fuel the resurgence of independent bookstores. 

How do local bookstores and booksellers keep afloat with the competitive marketplace of big box stores, the automation of online services, and the influx of e-books? Why do authors...

Sep 7, 2019

Rebecca Davis and Belinda Bauman join us for the conclusion of our conversation about how empathetic listening and authentic sharing of trauma stories can heal the brain. 

How do we "rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn" as compassionate witnesses? Why do we avoid engaging with others who have...