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The Afterword: A Conversation About the Future of Words

Jul 27, 2020

Where do we find inspiration for art? Is it through our pain, joy, longings, a combination? What are the stories behind the artists who display their words or visual platforms in our culture? How can we usher communities into perspectives that allow space for questions and answers that are different from our own? Art is...

Jul 20, 2020

Words have weight! Spoken word poetry is Not Just Words. Its messages have power to communicate across barriers and promote healing.

When creating art, perfection is not required. Spoken word art provides a way to release a multi-faceted language and a way for everyone to be heard.

In this episode, Jim Dukes  and

Jul 13, 2020

Words and the attachment of adjectives to people groups often promote hate, discrimination and injustice. While there is a need to gain a foothold on situations out of our control, what drives antisemitism is a mindset of blame. Identifying an enemy to target allows us to view humans as"others." We gain personal insight...